How Love Works: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Falling in Love

As one of the most mysterious but uplifting feelings in the world, love is something that everyone strives for but something that can never be harnessed. An all powerful force, love has fascinated and inspired our ancestors for thousands of years, and its origins and abilities have been explained in countless different ways. Cupid may shoot arrows that bind two lovers for life, but the absence of one may lead to the other dying of a broken heart.

Naturally, as an all-encompassing topic, people want to know all there is to learn about love, whether to help them identify it, find it, or keep it around for the long term. As such, various legends and lessons have popped up around the concept of love, and regardless of whether they are true or not they are often repeated and widely believed today. Do opposites attract? Is love at first sight possible? How can you tell if what you’re feeling is love or lust? Is there a science to love?

All of those eternal questions are discussed and answered in How Love Works. This book explores the physical and metaphysical aspects of love, from a scientific explanation of what makes you fall in love and continue to love to a look at some of the most famous legends about kissing and physical attraction. How Love Works covers the journey of love every step of the way, from first meeting a person to saying “I do.”

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