Shuffle (Winner Best e-book Fiction. 2012 Publishing Innovation Awards)

James T. Raydel

Seven possible beginnings. Seven possible endings. You decide which is which. Shuffle this revolutionary e-novel’s seven connected stories and read them in any order that suits you. Make your own choices as you follow a beguiling thread of probability and coincidence. A thread that connects an enigmatic prisoner held deep inside the Iraqi palace of Uday Hussein, a sexually inexperienced teenage girl who escapes one puritanical cult only to fall into the sinister clutches of another, a bitter and broken would-be Rock Star, a lovelorn petty thief who steals a rare embryo in a desperate attempt to save her lover’s life and a deranged child-killer whose terrifying nightmares begin to infect the psychiatrist who treats him.

All find themselves unknowingly caught and tightly bound to the revolutionary theories of a maverick scientist; theories that turn everything anyone had ever thought about our Universe completely on its head.

If you love David Mitchell’s best-selling Cloud Atlas then Shuffle’s unique structure and beguiling connections will intrigue and delight you in the same way that did.

“A remarkable e-novel. Notable, unique and very, very good.” Caroline Smailes, bestselling HarperCollins author of 99 Reasons

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About James T. Raydel

James T. Raydel is the pen-name of fiction-collective Lulzlit. Visit, or find them on Twitter, to discover more about the author and the world’s first e-novel that can be shuffled and read in any order that suits you.

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