Super Smoothies: Taste the nectar of life!

Candia Lea Cole

In the book Super Smoothies-Taste the Nectar of Life we discover some of the most unique smoothies, with a dairy-free twist. Candia Lea Cole blends combinations of fresh and rehydrated fruits and vegetables with dairy free liquids. She then fortifies her drinks with nuts, seeds, pseudo-grains, medicinal spices, super food fortifiers, and natural flavorings. The exotically flavored drinks are identified in the book by colors of the rainbow, which the author suggests are a drinkable form of color therapy. Meeting the body’s daily requirement for nutrients such as beta carotene is a pleasure when you can do it while enjoying smoothies such as Creamy Malaysian Sweet Potato, Luscious Butterscotch Yam, Enriched Carrot Nugget, or Apricot Almond Orange. Vegetarian body-builders who want to build lean, strong bodies without relying on commercial protein powders (which contain stale, oxidized ingredients) will thrive on choices such as Maple Banana Amaranth, Frosty Apple Cinnamon Swirl, Figgy Cranapple Nut, and Kiwi Fruit Cocktail. Served warm or chilled, these four-season recipes, the author says, “inspire a romantic connection to the natural world, while serving to nourish our bodies and even gently cleanse the cellular toxins that accumulate through our consumption of too many cooked and processed foods.”

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About Candia Lea Cole

Candia Lea Cole is an eco-visionary, holistic health educator, poet, social artist and 21st century change-agent. She founded Eco-Learning Legacies LLC,-a Minnesota based eco-lifestyle Education Company that creates e-learning tools and services for the “everyday sustainable leader.” She is passionate about inspiring families to live well in today’s eco-challenged times and recognize, if not ‘remember’ what they are here on earth to ‘be’ and ‘do’ during this time of chaos and upheaval, -a transitional time that is calling for our personal and planetary transformation. Candia’s educational products (including books, audios, posters, games, and online events) speak to those who have a heartfelt desire to see and experience life in its beauty and wholeness, and birth these qualities within themselves through the cultivation of a healthy and loving relationship with self, others, and the greater whole of life. Her work highlights the importance of making eco-intelligent food, health, and lifestyle choices that nurture the “ecology of personal and planetary well-being.”

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