The Call of Mektoub

Helen S Michaelsen

This enchanting tale is no ordinary Christmas story! (Edition 2013)

Join Mektoub and his friends on a heart-warming, seasonal adventure that glows with memories of Christmases past and fills you with new hope for the future...

Delightfully presented as a musical "Advent" book, an intriguing chapter unfolds for each night of December, counting down from the first night to Christmas Eve. Each chapter has its own soundtrack to take you far away to the magical place that thrives in your imagination.

As your journey begins, you will learn of a very old and special book that has been handed down through three generations of one family. Although long forgotten in modern times, the magic lives on in the hearts of a mother and daughter, Emma and Lucy. So when Father Christmas's sleigh and two young reindeer bucks are stolen three nights before Christmas Eve, Jack Frost and his fairy companion step out of the old book to enlist the help of Emma and Lucy in saving the Magical Lands of the North from being lost forever.

"Mektoub" means "Destiny" or "It is written", and is also the name of a wise old polar bear who lives in these magical lands, together with a host of wonderful characters you will come to love, detest, admire and be entertained by. This world can only exist in the belief of the children of Earth, and anyone who has magic in their heart. But not all is quite as it seems... Just who is the mysterious old gentleman, or the oddly familiar caretaker? And what are their intentions?

With the help of the story's creator and seven talented musicians from across the globe, step back into your childhood dreams and experience every emotion from joy to sadness and from fear to love, and in so doing you will answer "The Call of Mektoub".

Suitable for readers aged 9 to 99, the story may also be read to younger children. The musical soundtrack is designed to help children drift off to their own world of dreams after each chapter has been read.

Audio Information:

The eBook is embedded with 30 mp3 music tracks. For eReading devices with no audio facility, the complete soundtrack is available for download from Mektoub Music via a link in the eBook's Track List.

Royalties are shared between charities supporting sick and under-privileged children, plus the WWF campaign to save the polar bears and their arctic environment.

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About Helen S Michaelsen

Helen S. Michaelsen describes herself as a creative, a perfectionist and a dreamer.  She lives in the semi-rural county of Dorset in southern England with her two children and two cats.  In 2012 she joined the community of musicians and composers and finally found her "creative home", writing and recording lyrics and poetry, and occasionally singing, with other Soundcloud musicians, with whom she has become firm friends.  It is these friends who have participated in the creation of this musical ebook, which has long been the writer's dream since she first penned the story in 2008.

Helen's wish is not to find fame and fortune, but to remind those of us who left the magic of childhood far behind us to embrace it once more, and to inspire all children to realise that they can achieve so many wonderful things by believing in themselves and finding good in others.

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